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Outsourcing Options

Applying the Power of IT

Increased Efficiency,
Lower Costs,
Higher Service Levels,
Better Management

As a business owner or manager in this ever-changing environment, you are facing enormous pressure to improve the management of operating costs, gain access to technology and achieve best practices with core business processes. Additionally, you face challenges such as reducing costs, seeking resources, and maintaining service levels. So, you not only have to improve the bottom line, but also deliver strategic value. Theses challenges make IT activities a prime candidate for outsourcing.

To better concentrate on their core business, companies are increasingly turning to external service providers to manage daily operations, such as IT support, hosting, security and network maintenance. The benefits of this approach, which strengthen a company's overall competitiveness and bottom-line, include:

  • Increased management efficiency and effectiveness
  • Lower costs
  • Access to critical skills and technology
  • Innovation and higher service levels
  • Quick entry into new markets
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhanced focus on core business activities

Outsourcing Options with Selectus

1. Information Systems
IT solutions to manage the transition from old to new technologies.

2. Systems Integration. (CRM)
Selectus' integration solution helps maximize the usefulness of information collected and stored on multiple databases, enhancing access and data sharing for better decision making and service delivery on behalf of your customers.
CRM strategies often focus on improving business productivity and lowering the total cost of ownership. CRM relies on turning data into useful information that enables better decision-making.

Our CRM team can help your company:

  • Be consistent in operations
  • Find specific customer wants & needs
  • Get information to the right people in a timely manner
  • Improve profitability
  • Provide for overall better business decisions

3. Web Solutions
Selectus can help you establish a corporate vision and comprehensive plan for conducting business on the Internet. We can build you a comprehensive roadmap that outlines future initiatives and deals with all potential impacts of e-business, including investment level adjustments and organizational changes.

Doing business on the Internet demands no-fail security, full availability and flawless performance. Your customers, partners and associates must have rapid, round the clock access to information. The technical expertise demanded is extensive and changing at the speed of the Internet itself. Selectus' Web hosting solutions are founded on years of experience in hosting mission-critical applications. We have an in-depth knowledge of new technologies and a Web infrastructure reflecting the highest industry standards.

How Do We Do it?

  • Redundancy of key infrastructures
  • Centralized back-up system
  • Highest-quality management, monitoring and reporting software
  • All equipment supplied by industry leading manufacturers
  • Hosting center monitored 24 hours a day, with access control assured by electronic protection and alarm systems
  • Climate-controlled infrastructures with automated emergency detection
  • Priority, redundant electrical power supply supported by an uninterruptible power system (UPS) and generators
  • Service levels guaranteed through contractual agreement

In addition, our customized, client access make it possible to offer administrative level rights into the site. Giving our clients unprecedented access for specific needs.

We are available for projects ranging from quick emergency fixes to large scale application development. We develop back-end software customized for your business, not the hypothetical business that out-of-the-box software was developed for.

Either using freely-available code, or building new code from scratch, our team can build create e-commerce sites or database-driven, highly interactive sites for a fraction of the cost normally involved.

PHP/MySQL Development
E-commerce - Form Management - Interactivity - Database-driven Solutions - Open Source
The MySQL and PHP revolution has made interactive, database-driven websites less expensive and easier to develop than ever before. Out development team has been working with open source web solutions for years, and is available to deploy these technologies for your website.

Programming and Backend Systems
Application Development - Automation - Database Design and Implementation - Web Development - Evaluation - Documentation - Web Farm Implementation
Companies today are learning the benefits of using more than a simple file server. Many employ servers specifically for mail, web, printing, databases and other specialized systems that are critical for business. Selectus Consulting can multiply the usefulness of such systems as a one-stop programming-and-development group for institutions which don't need or can't afford a full-time staff.

4. Security
The Selectus team can help you identify and correct current and future system and property security exposures. Our solutions are adapted to your needs and adhere to the industry's highest standards.

Our certified consultants have designed and implemented security solutions in organizations ranging from small retail environments to large public institutions with thousands of users. The list below is indicative of potential solutions:

Network security policy development

Firewall/Proxy server implementation

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Companywide virus protection

Intrusion detection

Network directory implementations (Active Directory, LDAP directories)

surveillance, administration and monitoring of critical business assets

5. Wireless Point to Point Systems
At Selectus, we offer in-depth information on key issues related to WLAN technology including security, mobility, quality of service, & standards. We also offer specialized consulting and education on wireless LANs. We can help you identify requirements, commence network design, resolve installation issues, and assist you with supplier selection, cost assessment, and migration planning.

6. Support Services
Businesses often require additional resources, knowledge and skills to provide support for their IT services. We can assist you in the design, implementation and operation of your IT support services.


  • Software License Monitoring
  • Remote Control/Problem Resolution
  • IT Asset Discovery, Analysis and Management
  • OS Imaging and Profile Migration
  • Knowledgebase or Help Desk Development and Support

At Selectus, we strongly believe that the key to a successful technology implementation has more to do with training and internal culture adaptation than with the software itself. New infrastructure or software implementations fail most of the time because the proper training, human interface and documentation are not addressed. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to develop training and change management programs, coupled with system documentation that make any project a success.

7. Temporary Technical Placement
When you need the very best professionals on the job, we can help. Gain greater flexibility and productivity with well-qualified, knowledgeable technical professionals from every discipline; from system analysts, to designers, to programmers. For your specific task or project, we will work with you to determine the right combination of proven skills andexpertise.

Selectus Consulting's team includes: Network Services professionals experienced in Novell Certified Network Engineers (CNE), Citrix Certified Administrators, Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts (MCSE), Sophos Certified UTM Architects (SCUA), and Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA).