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Technology Management and Support

So what does the typical business owner do?
Ask colleagues for a referral?
Call in a few potential partners to discuss your needs?
Maybe take a complete shot in the dark at finding someone to work with?    

If this scenario sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to find the perfect fit for your technology needs, talk to us about our Technology Services.

Working with Selectus is like having your very own technology support team.  We work with you to develop a technology program that fits your goals – and your budget.

How Does it Work?

Once your new program is in place, we keep working with you to ensure that the technology processes that are in place are up, running and successful. In short, we become an integral part of your management team.

With our technology Service, you get the expertise of a senior-level executive who can assist with all aspects of your sales, technology, and marketing efforts. You also gain access to other creative services with our marketing partners in the myMarketingGuide.com group. The monthly cost for Technology Services is also much less than the cost of hiring an entry-level administrative assistant, and the positive impact on your business can be significant.

With today's rapidly changing technologies, it would be impossible for one company to claim universal expertise. For special projects with unique requirements, and to assist in providing a full complement of technology-related services from website marketing to custom programming and data storage, Selectus maintains a close relationship with several key partners. 

That means we have experts at our finger tips no matter what your special needs require.